Mailing Cookies

The best package in the world is filled with cookies!

First the don’ts:
Don’t send cookies that need refrigeration (have custard fillings or toppings) they’ll probably go bad. Don’t send delicate cookies. They are likely to be crumbs upon arrival.

Now the do’s:
Hard and crunchy cookies are best. They are less likely to break or dry out since they are typically a dryer cookie to begin with. Cookies that age well are great for mailing are Lebkuchens and Macaroons.

If you’re mailing locally or to an area that can be reached in under a week, cookies that are a little chewy will work as well like Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Brownies and unfrosted bars may be mailed as well. Wrap each separately in plastic wrap to help keep them moist.


  • Pack only cooled cookies.
  • Don’t pack crisp and soft cookies together. Actually, it is best to pack differently flavors in different containers to avoid flavor mixing.
  • Don’t overstuff your container they should just be snug.
  • Pack cookies in a sturdy tin or airtight container.
  • Line the bottom with bubble wrap then parchment paper.
  • Fill in any gaps with tissue paper and place some bubble wrap on top.
  • Place a layer of parchment between each layer of cookies.
  • Place tin in a study cardboard box and fill in the gaps with packing peanuts.
  • Tightly seal with packing tape.
  • Mark the package clearly with the word “perishable”.